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L2Discipline 4.0: Planting Your New Talent Tree

I am pleased to introduce to you the Cataclysmic version of my L2Discipline series from the Wrath of the Lich King expansion: L2Discipline 4.0! With all the changes that have occurred over the past few months while WoW and blogging was taking a cozy backseat to my day job, I figured it was best to [...]

L2Discipline: How About Them Stats?

Gear—the first thing you should know about gear is that it has these things called “stats” on them. These stats determine your gear selection, limit your choices, and help you figure out what’s an upgrade and what’s not. (That’s right, it doesn’t matter how pretty the color of that robe is, or how shiny those [...]

L2Discipline: Glyphing Out!

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Since you’ve got your talent spec all sorted out now, the next logical thing to look at would be your glyphs. They’re even in the same pane, just hidden under a different tab. ;) How you choose your glyphs is an integral part of “customizing” your game play. [...]

L2Discpline: Growing Your Talent Tree

If I had a nickle for every talent spec I’ve seen that made me cringe, I’d be rich. Okay, well… Maybe not rich. But I’d have a shitton of nickels. In my experience, the only way to choose the right talents for your play style is to first have an understanding of what the talents [...]

L2Discipline: An Introduction

Prepare yourselves, readers! I’ve decided to write a complete guide to Discipline Priesting. Yes, you read that right. A complete guide. Covering everything from talent choices to pre-Naxx gear, roles a Disc Priest can play to how you can assign them in raids. How to gem. How to enchant. How to everything! Why? Well, you [...]