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Paladin Perspective: Trial of the Crusader, Part 2

The second encounter in the Trial of the Crusader is against a very large, angry Eredar called: My opinions on this boss encounter are somewhat skewed because of the circumstances under which I fought him. On 10-man, he was an absolute breeze, and I found myself seriously questioning the rumors that I’d heard about it [...]

Paladin Perspective: Trial of the Crusader, Part 1

So, in addition to some much-debated buffs and nerfs to paladin healing, patch 3.2 brings us a new raid instance: The Trial of the Crusader. Not to be confused with the 5-man Trial of the Champion, or the heroic version–Trial of the Grand Crusader. And you thought Crusher/Corruptor/Constrictor Tentacles were confusing. This post will lay [...]