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Holy Paladin Primer: Part 1, Talents and Glyphs

I’ve been working on a megapost about the things DPS players can do to help their healers in 5-man heroics, with a (fingers crossed!) comprehensive breakdown of class abilities. Expect that next week. I decided to delay it for this post, because several people have asked me to write a “basics of being a Holy Paladin [...]

Rotation Schmotation

Hi everyone. Your prodigal Paladin has returned on this, the eve of Cataclysm. I’m not going to go over the myriad of changes that Cataclysm has brought to the Holy Paladin toolkit and playstyle. I suspect most of you already know we have legitimate multi-target heals (finally!) and a brand new resource system. And for [...]

The Tao of Paladin Healing

The heart of almost every decision a healer makes–whether about gear choice, gem choice, talent build, or spell selection—comes down to a simple question: throughput or longevity? For paladins especially, this question defines almost every aspect of our playstyle. Because our class is built on extremes (more on that later) there is a tendency to [...]

Paladin Perspective: Trial of the Crusader, Part 2

The second encounter in the Trial of the Crusader is against a very large, angry Eredar called: My opinions on this boss encounter are somewhat skewed because of the circumstances under which I fought him. On 10-man, he was an absolute breeze, and I found myself seriously questioning the rumors that I’d heard about it [...]

Paladin Perspective: Trial of the Crusader, Part 1

So, in addition to some much-debated buffs and nerfs to paladin healing, patch 3.2 brings us a new raid instance: The Trial of the Crusader. Not to be confused with the 5-man Trial of the Champion, or the heroic version–Trial of the Grand Crusader. And you thought Crusher/Corruptor/Constrictor Tentacles were confusing. This post will lay [...]