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1/24/11 Update

Hey all! I just wanted to take a moment out of my day to post a little something about what I have been up to lately and about the next few ideas that I have for posts on the site. My priest is in such a place where I don’t need to spend too much [...]

Preparing For 4.0.6

The official patch notes were released for 4.0.6, the first sizable patch of this expansion and I figured I would cover the changes that would most affect holy priests and what they could possibly mean for us, if and when they make it to Live.  First up, let’s talk about some things that may be [...]

L2Holy – Talents

Hello and welcome to the first post in my new L2Holy series!  When I was trying to come up with the motivation and the words to create my holy priest “How To” guide, I realized that it was becoming quite a massive endeavor.  Between covering glyphs, stats, talents and everything in between, I knew that [...]

11/27/10 Weekend Update

Before I officially kick off my weekend, which I can’t do because I’m stuck at work for another two hours of mandatory overtime, I wanted to throw up a quick post about some things that I am in the middle of working on or that I have already completed, regarding all things priestly. First off, [...]

Surviving 4.0.3

I was fortunate enough to be able to log into the game fairly quickly after the servers came back up and that I had a 10 man Heroic ICC run scheduled, so I could see how the changes to holy priests would affect me.  I also took the time to create a plethora of low [...]