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Over & Out

Hey readers, After much discussion with Lilitharien, I have decided to return to my original blog over at The Stories of O.  I’m still committed to writing about all things holy priest and to covering a number of other topics that I didn’t really write about here (i.e. general raid thoughts, strategies and sometimes just [...]

Happy Holidays from DA!

Firstly I’d like to wish you all a Happy Holiday, whichever one you may have celebrated. I just got back from my vacation in Los Angeles and will be working more adamantly on my upcoming L2Discipline posts and getting my priest’s gear ready for raiding while I still have some time off work! Don’t forget [...]


Just wanted to let you all know (if you don’t follow us on Twitter, though you SHOULD) that I’ve updated the L2Discipline 4.0: Talents post with 4 new builds and some updated talent description/thoughts. Working on the Glyphs post, too, so that should be coming sometime this week! After that I think I’ll tackle gems [...]

Code of Conduct

This is a guest post by a priest named Fertigo, who happens to be Lilitharien’s real-life boyfriend. He’s not yet hit 80, but although this is coming from a lowbie perspective it is advice that is good now and will become more important as everyone levels the stretch between 80-85 come Cataclysm. I’m hardly the [...]

Brace For Impact

The only real update on priests lately has been the release of the graphics for the next season of Arena gear.  I have not done any kind of serious PVP in quite some time and even then it was on my druid.  So, I didn’t feel adequate enough to really talk about the bonuses on [...]