About Us

About Divine Aegis

Divine Aegis is a World of Warcraft healing blog geared towards Priests and Paladins. It was originally started by Lilitharien, a Discipline Priest and Lyriel, a Holy Paladin. After the blog was around for a bit, Oestrus, at the time a Restoration Druid, joined the DA team. After a brief stint blogging on her own, Oestrus is now back on the team and playing a Holy Priest.

    We chose the name “Divine Aegis” because of the following reasons:

  • It’s the name of a talent in the Discipline Tree.
  • It’s the name of a shield procced by delicious crits which we adore.
  • “Aegis” is a fun word to say and it means “protection,” which, you know, is what healers do—we protect.
  • It sounds classy.


About Lilitharien

Lilitharien has been weakening the souls of her tanks since January 2007, when she started playing with her then-boyfriend. (Who, conveniently, rolled a Warrior tank.) She leveled 1-70 with one of those bastard leveling specs that you just sort of put points all over the place because you have no idea what you’re doing. Then, when she hit 70, she respecced to the “Improved Divine Spirit” build, joined a raiding guild, and continued to cast Power Word: Shield as her method-of-choice for saving the day/raid. She’s never been deep-Holy specced, and probably never will be.

Today Lilith is preparing to raid new Cataclysm content with her new guild, Eden, on Wyrmrest Accord. When she’s not raiding, RPing, or putzing around Dalaran, you can find her fixing typos and writing occasional articles for No Stock UI and moderating the Priest, UI/Addons, and Macros sections of the PlusHeal forums.

In January 2010 Lilith’s UI was featured in World of Warcraft Official Magazine. Check out page 101 if you have your own copy! Although she’s listed as a Holy Priest, Lilith assures you that she’s never been far enough down in the Holy tree to pick up Circle of Healing… Ever. Seriously!

Outside of Azeroth Lilith is a native New Yorker and graphic/web designer now living in San Francisco, CA. Besides gaming and design she loves letterpress printing and postcards.


About Lyria

Lyria began life as Valyria, a spunky little human paladin who never made it much farther than Stranglethorn Vale. When the Burning Crusade launched, Lyria’s player decided to abandon his then-main Restoration druid and level the new and improved Valyria, a blood elf.

It was in this incarnation that Lyria saw the most endgame action, including many server second kills and the title she still uses, Hand of A’dal. Since then, there have been many breaks from the game, many returns, and many raiding guilds. During the last days of Fury Unbridled, Lyria’s home for most of BC, she healed alongside Lilitharien, with whom she moved to Scarlet Crusade to join another guild, this time as Lyriel. Divine Aegis came about out of a mutual desire to blog and a love of healing, but was followed shortly by a real-life move across the country.

Since returning, both to WoW and to the blog, Lyr has faction transferred (more than once, actually) and server transferred to play Ally-side with real-life friends from college. It’s a bit more casual than the glory days, but the compulsion for theorycraft never dies.

Lyria/Lyriel/Valyria has been, to date: a blood elf, a human, a dwarf, a human again, a blood elf again, a draenei, a human again, a dwarf again, and finally (maybe) a human… again.

There’s a wing of Greg Street’s mansion that was funded solely by Lyria’s Paid Services.

Outside of WoW, Lyria’s player lives in Minneapolis, MN, with his boyfriend. He puts his liberal arts education to use: managing a chain coffee shop and playing video games.


About Oestrus

Oestrus began her healing career as an Alliance holy priest, who explored all of the 40 man content, from Molten Core to Ahn’Qiraj. Eventually growing tired of the politics of the Alliance, she defected to the Horde and began leveling a druid.

This druid would be her main for over three years and would see high end content, as both a moonkin and a resto druid – with numerous titles, mounts and a legendary weapon under her belt. Concerned by the changes facing her class in Cataclysm and feeling a disconnect from the toon she used to identify with, Oestrus decided to re-roll back to a holy priest and has been steadily making plans to that effect.

Today, O has committed herself to raiding with and rebuilding on Eldre’thelas, in the company of other bloggers and friends. She will be spending this time in between expansions broadening her horizons and knowledge of holy priests on the Beta and on Live and helping Lilitharien turn Divine Aegis into the most fulfilling resource possible.

When she’s not in the game, Oestrus enjoys watching forgotten television shows on Netflix, ordering Chinese takeout and shamelessly perusing celebrity gossip websites. She currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – with her cat and her exceptionally spacious apartment.