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Hey readers,

After much discussion with Lilitharien, I have decided to return to my original blog over at The Stories of O.  I’m still committed to writing about all things holy priest and to covering a number of other topics that I didn’t really write about here (i.e. general raid thoughts, strategies and sometimes just pure fluff).  All of the guides that I have written here will be updated for 4.0.6, including the Chakra Sutra, the L2Holy talents post and the enchanting guide for holy priests and will be carried over to the other blog.  The updates will not be featured on this page, so please stop by  The Stories of O and see what things are brewing with this new patch.

It has been an extreme pleasure writing for Divine Aegis and I am very grateful for the opportunity to open myself up to a new audience and for the people that were crazy enough to come along for the ride with me.  Hopefully Lilitharien and Lyria will continue to post and give you all more reasons to return to Divine Aegis again and again.

Good luck and I hope to see you all very soon.

- O.

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