Cataclysm Enchants For Holy Priests – Part 2

This is the second half of a previous post that I had written, talking about my opinions on the new enchanting recipes that are being released with Cataclysm and which ones I feel may be the most appealing for us.  The first half covered weapons, boots, bracers and chest enchants.  This post will cover the remaining slots and I will also cover the ring enchants, for those with the enchanting skill high enough to enjoy those and a new prerequisite that will need to be met, in order to have those enchants.

Let’s get started!


Greater Intellect

This is the only cloak enchant that I could see being of real use for us, unless you are in a PVP setting and then Greater Spell Piercing might be something you may want to look into.  I haven’t seen any updates about the new tailoring recipes, but I would imagine their cloak enchants (provided they are being included in this expansion) would trump anything that could be achieved through basic enchanting.  Until I actually see what tailors have to choose from, I’m still leaning towards this one being the most useful, so far.



If you find you’re still not at the level of haste you should be at (where you’re receiving the two extra ticks from Renew and you have not quite lowered your GCD enough), this would be your first choice for an enchant.  If you find you’re doing fine for haste and your other stats are shaping up nicely, you also have the opportunity to convert this enchant into something else that could be more useful for you and that would be…

Greater Mastery

For now, our mastery appears to be the last thing on our list that we want to make sure we have enough of.  This could most certainly change, once we are actually level 85 and once a number of expected post expansion hotfixes are added or even just basic changes to the game are included.  However, if you feel you have enough haste without needing to add more to your gloves or if you had the haste on your gloves and now don’t need as much of it, this enchant could be for you. 


Superior Intellect

Gone are the days where off-hand enchants were only for paladins and shamans!  This new enchant allows you to take any off-hand piece – be it a shield, tome, chalice or what have you and add a whopping 100 intellect to it.  It will be interesting to see if this makes main hand/off-hand combinations more appealing than staves, going forward. 



Ring enchants are back in Cataclysm and with one interesting twist.  The text beneath the enchant description now states that the enchant “requires 475 enchanting to be active.”  This means that you not only need a minimum enchanting skill of 475 to even place the enchant on your rings, but if your enchanting skill ever falls to below 475 you will lose those bonuses.

Say for example that you are a Blood Elf and you have leveled your enchanting to 475 – just enough so you can get the ring enchants for yourself.  Then you decide to race change to a Troll and still remain an enchanter.  You would lose the Blood Elf racial that gave you a boost to your enchanting and would no longer have the skill at 475.  Any enchants you have added to your rings would be null and void until you leveled those few additional points to get back up there, to re-active the enchants.

Overall, I am pretty pleased with the choices that we have available, including the debut of the new off-hand enchant and I look forward to finding out more about the reputation based enchants (for shoulders and helms) and how those will compare to previous examples that we have seen (such as Aldor/Scryer enchants or the ones from Sons of Hodir and the Kirin Tor/Wyrmrest Accord) in past expansions.

The ring enchants alone almost make me want to level enchanting.  Almost.     





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  1. No! You can’t have them! Off-hand enchants are MINE, you hear me?? Mine! ;)

    Seriously, that’s going to be a great enchant for basically everyone. And who knows, maybe paladins and shaman will actually want to equip off-hands now that spirit doesn’t totally suck for us…
    Kurn´s last blog ..Five Tips for Holy Paladin Healing in 401My ComLuv Profile


    Oestrus Reply:

    Take the chair out from under your doorknob, open your door and go get some sunshine. That’s an order!

    Thank you for brightening up my afternoon, you seriously did bring some laughs. That is a good point though – it was always sort of rare and taboo to see the shield bearing healers use anything but shields and I never understood why. If you didn’t have the luck with drops, what were you supposed to do – use something with such a low quality and ilevel, just because it’s what you’re expected to use? I never got that. And God forbid you were a shaman using a staff – let me tell you!


  2. Yeah, I have to agree with Kurn, these enchants should be great for all the healers… heck, most casters in general. I know I’ll probably be looking to get some of these on my Paladin, once I get him to 85.
    Fobok´s last blog ..Posting Schedule and Elemental InvasionMy ComLuv Profile


    Oestrus Reply:

    Hey there, Fobok!

    I agree those enchants will be great for everyone, but I do agree with Kurn in that I’m excited to see if shamans and paladins buck the trend and go with unconventional off-hands again. I think that would be really neat to see.


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